John Fregonese

John FregoneseJohn Fregonese delivered the Luncheon Keynote at the 2013 Redevelopment Forum

John Fregonese, President of Fregonese Associates, has been a planner for 30 years, where he has earned the reputation of being able both to create an energizing vision for communities and to develop concrete, workable solutions to urban problems. Since founding his firm in 1997, John has led a variety of planning projects, including some of the most nationally significant regional plans in recent decades. He was a key consultant in the Envision Utah process, an ongoing regional plan that has garnered national recognition, as well as the lead consultant for Chicago Metropolis 2020, the initiative by the Chicago Commercial Club to reprise the seminal Chicago Plan of 1909.

He was the consultant for Compass Blueprint, the regional vision for SCAG, the regional government of Southern California, a massive region of 38,000 square miles and 17 million people. He was a key consultant for Louisiana Speaks, Louisiana’s first regional plan for the southern Louisiana, and was lead consultant to the Big Look Task Force, a committee mandated to comprehensively review Oregon’s planning system.

In addition to his regional plans, John has led numerous comprehensive plans for large cities such as Denver, Tulsa, and Dallas, plans and visions for small cities with ethnically diverse populations such as Watsonville, Compton, and El Centro, California as well as numerous small area plans for downtowns, neighborhoods, and other areas such as Talent, Oregon, Mountlake Terrace, Washington, and Long Beach Boulevard in Long Beach, California. By working at a variety of scales, John has been able to bring a practical, pragmatic approach to plans that make them implementable.

His parents, Faith Domergue and Hugo Fregonese, both had long careers in the film industry. Growing up in Hollywood, Rome, and other American and European cities, he believes that his early childhood experience in different countries led to his interest in urban planning.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, with a minor in Earth and Marine Science from California State University at Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA, and has conducted graduate work in Resource Geography with emphasis in Land Use Planning, at Oregon State University at Corvallis, OR.

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